Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome ThinkTV viewers

Greatings! Welcome!

I am excited and happy that you have taken the time and effort to find my humble blog. The breadth and reach of this blog never stops amazing me. When I realise that people from all over the world stop by to read and consider my posts I am humbled. We live in amazing times. We live in exciting times. Thank you for your interest.

My farm's business name "Standing Oaks Enterprises LLC" has its roots in the mighty oak trees that stand in a grove on my farm. I seldom see these trees but I wonder what they have seen and endured in there life. Some have seen most of the events of our country unfold. Simply by standing there in a grove they remind me of the legacy of the past and offer hope for the future. I pray that my life could be that meaningful.

The name "Acorns for Thought" comes from my desire to encourage people to think and ask questions about farming. I hope to plant seeds of thought in people's minds. Seeds of thought that may some day grow into mighty oak trees of ideas. Ideas that will provide the food, shelter, and beauty that everyone should enjoy.

I approach life from my understanding of the JudeoChristian worldview. I am not an academic nor a trained and learned thinker so I do not presume to compete on that level. I am a farmer that has his hands dirty, his back aching, and sweat on his brow almost everyday. My blog approaches life from that angle and asks questions. I do not always answer my questions. Sometimes I don't know the answers. There may be multiple answers to a question and I will attempt to present the one that appeals to me. I only ask that you consider the ideas.

I invite you to consider questions with me and to feel free to comment. Perhaps in this discussion a seed of thought will be planted in someone's mind and begin to grow into something strong and beautiful. That would make me proud and very happy.

If this humble blog doesn't catch your interest, I invite you to click the link to CauseMatters provided below. You will find there a broad set of resources, not the least of which is links to other farmer blogs. Please enjoy, ponder, and grow with me and my fellow farmers.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.