Monday, August 10, 2015

Iran nukes and Planned Parenthood an open letter to Congress

I am a simple hog farmer. A tender of pigs. I am not well educated in things of politics. I become confused easily by the hesitations and excitements of some matters of national importance. I would like to ask those in positions of authority a couple questions. The answers seem simple to me, but as I have said, I am a simple tender of pigs.

Dear Sir or Madame:

If the question before you for debate was, "Should we take $500 million from the national treasury over the next year and use it for a military adventure that will with certainty cost something like 3000 soldier lives (not wounded but dead) each DAY?", would you vote for it? How dire would the national situation be to compel you to vote for such an action? I expect no one would support such a motion.

How then do you support the use of a similar amount of money in support of Planned Parenthood exacting this type of cost on the future greatness of America's youth? Please don't confuse me and yourself with debates about all sorts of what ifs and wherefores. I am a simple man and know beyond the shadow of doubt that without these abortions America would be 3000 people a day greater in number and richer in spirit.

Likewise, how do you support the establishment of a relationship with Iran that will surely put vastly more than $500 million a year in their national treasury. Do you not know that Iran uses money to ship terror/death all over the world. Will they be able to achieve 3000 lives a day for a year before we are forced to respond?

How is it that Iran needs "peaceful" nuclear programs (that means nuclear electric plants I suppose)? They sit on an enormous oil field fully capable of powering any domestic energy needs they might have. But that is a side note.

How is it that you, my elected authority, seem to be taking time to consider passing either of these two proposals that will with certainty cost this nation the hope of our youth if not much more?

To a simple man it makes no sense.


Charles Wildman