Friday, June 10, 2011

World Pork Expo

I attend more than a reasonable number of meetings and events. "Was it worth it?" is the ever present question. Driving home from the "World Pork Expo" in Des Moines Iowa with my college age son, the topic inevitably came up.

One goal when atending a meeting is to gain one nugget of information that will pay for the trip/time. The priceless nugget from this trip appears in the sidebar of this blog. Checkout Dr. Nelson Kloosterman's work in the Worldview Resources section. I have not spent much time yet reviewing his writings but have it from good sources that he does a stellar job addressing, on an academic level, many of the issues I raise.

I look forward to being able to sharpen my mind and strengthen my heart by better understanding the world I live in and how we as people relate to it and others. Let me know what you think of this new link. I look forward to venturing into it with you.

Thanks for thinking with me.

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