Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Calling Hours and Social Media

Today presents a new challenge to my social media experience.

 I feel compelled to attend "calling hours" for @Chris Raines, a person I only really know by way of Facebook and Twitter.

The challenge is, "What should I say?". I have no idea who will be there or what connection they may have to one another and myself.

Why attend such an event for someone that I only know with an @ or # tag associated with their name. It just seems appropriate that someone with skin on should stop by and extend thankfulness to those who mourn for the life and legacy that was and is @Chris Raines. While social media increases the spread and reach of our personality, there are experiences that are just best communicated by driving an hour or so and showing up.

So I am going to "show up" and pay respects to those who mourn. Respect from myself and a vast reach of @ and # tag friends that can't make it. I will not attempt to eulogize. That has been well covered by those that knew @Chris Raines personally. I hope my attendence will make a clear statement to the mourners that connections built in the social media world are just as real and lasting as ones that grow by personal contact.

So it seems uncomfortable to be going to this event. But some how it just seems proper.

What are your thoughts?

May God Bless.

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  1. This comment is not tied to the post it follows. I saw the farm bureau documentary about your family today. You are a very impressive family. I has subscribed to your blog to follow your thoughts. I appreciated your priorities of family, faith, and farm. Thank you