Saturday, December 15, 2012


I said goodbye to a long time employee, friend and adviser today.

After 20 years of employment with me the day finally arrived when his job was eliminated. But that is not today's blog.

He never did say "hello" or "goodbye". I would just look up and he was at work or gone. Like a faithful ghost he moved about doing what had to be done. Many times seemingly avoiding contact with anyone. So today, despite having buried my mother this morning, I made it my point to be present when he left for the last time.

Would he stop and converse? Did he want a thank you? Apparently not. I returned to the office area to find him gone. It must have been bothering him alot though. He left his lunch box behind.

How strangely sad it is to stand and look at a forgotten lunch pail. Will the owner be back to get it? When? Why was it forgotten today?

This has been a week of deep "goodbyes" for me. Some how this lonely lunch pail touchs my heart in a way I can't express right now.

Life. It just moves on with no concern for any man.

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