Sunday, October 16, 2011

Food: Fundamental Good

I am proud to be a part of agriculture and world food production in all it's forms. I see food as a "fundamental good".

Food is fundamental in that life depends on it at its most basice level. Without food life stops. Think about life on another planet. The first thing needed is food. Or think about life in a desert. There is little life because there is little food. My first experience in a big city, New York, I remember being concerned about where to get food.If food is abundant, life and people have a chance to thrive and all of civilization may spring forth.

Food is a fundamental good in that it promotes peace, prosperity, and contentedness. I have seen people fight for food. Wars arise, peasants revolt, nations pass from history because food was not available. I have not heard of two great enemies that will sit at a table and eat with weapons drawn. With the abundance of food comes the opportunity for the abundance of peace and the prosperity that follow. So food is a fundamental good.

With all the concern and clammering in the world over agriculture, food, and the business of food, let us not forget that at the end of the day, food is about doing good for one's self, one's neighbor, one's nation, and one's world. No matter how it is produced, food is fundamental to the life of the earth. Let us be thankful for those who strive to provide that resource for everyone's good. They are providing a "fundamental good".

Thank you for your thoughts.

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